ServiceNow Solutions Architect

Full Time
  • Full Time
  • Toronto

Themesoft Inc.

Role: ServiceNow Solutions Architect

Location: Toronto, ON(Hybrid)


  • Configuration Management Database (CMDB) Fundamentals, Build, implementation, fundamentals and daily BAU operations
  • ITAM Build, implementation, fundamentals and daily BAU operations
  • CMDB Health Dashboard Design, implementation and BAU operations including creating validating and monitoring IRE rules


  • Show the CMDB and the attributes that provide enterprise-wide visibility
  • Outline the stages for planning a successful CMDB deployment
  • Discover best practices for configuring and implementing your CMDB, including the role of HealthScan
  • IRE/ETL + Health Rules
  • Explain how the CI Class Manager provides a centralized place to create and edit CI classes
  • Make use of the Identification and Reconciliation Framework to identify and reconcile data from different data sources
  • Utilize ServiceNow Discovery to discover both on-premise and cloud infrastructure, applications, and relationships
  • Populate the CMDB using manual import and third-party discovery tools
  • Examine and remediate the health of the CMDB
  • Managing software licenses (models, entitlements, and metrics)
  • Controlling the cost of purchasing and managing software assets
  • Managing the software asset life cycle from planning to disposal
  • Using software discovery and normalization
  • Reconciling and achieving software compliance
  • Controlling software usage and reclamation
  • Improving IT software asset services to end users
  • Creating standards and processes for managing software assets
  • Managing IRE rules
  • Monitor and maintain the health and accuracy of the CMDB by leveraging the CMDB Health Dashboard
  • Establish, monitor and maintain CMDB governance and accuracy through strong identification & reconciliation engine (IRE) rules
  • Manage, troubleshoot and support CMDB health dashboards, tools, applications, plugins, and integrations via Service Graph Connector
  • Create, manage, and update IRE rules related new, existing and stale CI’s, and prioritize new values from trusted and authorized data sources
  • Maintain the integrity of the CMDB by controlling duplicate CI’s and managing updates to CIs when multiple data sources such as Discovery, Service Mapping, Import Sets, and REST API’s are used to create and update CI records
  • Expertise of CMDB health dashboard to aggregate key performance metrics to monitor and improve the performance and health of the CMDB
  • Work with Discovery/CMDB administrator to enable Discovery services or implement scripts required to process data feeds to update the CMDB, establish and support controls and procedures to review, assess, prioritize, & track compliance to requirements incorporated into tool and process designs


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