Quality Assurance Specialist

Full Time
  • Full Time
  • Toronto

Teacup Tech Systems

Please apply ONLY if you have Public Service Experience in Canada

Experience and Skill Set Requirements:

Public Sector Experience:

· 2+ years of experience working with federal/provincial/broader public-sector healthcare providers

· ​Knowledge of Public Sector Enterprise Architecture artifacts (or similar), processes and practices, and ability to produce technical documentation that comply with industry standard practices

· ​​Knowledge and experience with Public Sector Health related projects

· ​Knowledge and understanding of Ministry policy and IT project approval processes and requirements Public Sector Experience adopting and adhering to Public Sector Unified I&IT Project Methodology, Public Sector Enterprise Architecture and Public Sector Gating process, and Public Sector Standard Systems Development Methodologies

· ​Experience with large complex IT Health-related projects

QA and Systems Testing Knowledge and Experience:

2-4 years of experience in the following:

· Planning, organizing and implementing testing efforts (includes preparation of test plans and coordination of test execution

· Knowledge and understanding of testing methods in an object-oriented environment

· All stages of system testing, including strategy, selection of testing tools, test planning, preparing test cases and test data, manual and automated test execution and defect logging and tracking

· Experience with a variety of testing systems, including clinical systems testing, mission critical systems testing, and testing high volume transactional systems in highly available environments

· Knowledge and experience of structured methodologies for the development, design, implementation, maintenance of applications

· Performing functional and non-functional system testing of the following: Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) solutions including testing of patches, new releases, acceptance testing of enhancement request functionality for modules of the product and other enhancements, and regression testing for implementation; in house web applications; HL7-FHIR based webservices (RESTFUL/JSON/XML); Application Programming Interfaces (API); reporting solutions; integration components, extensions, and enhancements

· Performing testing of Security Components including use of SAML and JWT

· Creating complete system testing documentation and artefacts such as: test strategies, test plans, test use cases, test scripts

· Develop automated test scripts (using tools such as Selenium framework)

· API testing tools to query and test interfaces at the messaging layer

· Web service queries using tools such as Rational ClearQuest, SOAP-UI, POSTMAN or via Programming Languages

· Knowledge and experience with information retrieval packages, and data queries and ad-hoc queries (using SQL) and other query languages

· Performing Accessibility testing to websites, web content and mobile applications to conform to the World Wide Web Consortium Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0

· Tools to support Web Accessibility testing in support of AODA legislation

· Test results reports, including performance and security testing results, for use in Defect Reviews with clients, partners and project team

· Validating successful deployment of releases in production environments, preparing reports on testing results

· Reviewing and providing input to technical and business requirements from a testing perspective, including business intelligence solutions

· Executing automated tests scripts

· Knowledge and experience working in traditional and agile teams using standard and DevOps processes and tools

· Knowledge and experience using at least one programming language

· Knowledge and experience with all phases of the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

· Reviewing business and technical documentation from a testing perspective to identify issues early in the SDLC

· Knowledge and understanding of Information Management principles, concepts, policies and practices.

Logging, Tracking and Defect Reporting :

2-4 years of experience with:

· ​Identifying and documenting issues and risks

· ​Creating and maintaining defect logs and defect summary reports (using tools such as Jira or Confluence, Test rail)

· ​Updating tasks and project status

· ​Participating in QA and cross functional team meetings

· ​Prioritizing test execution based on business priority, defect patterns, and available testing time

· ​Dealing creatively with problems stemming from shared resources, such as test environments and test data

· ​Actively participating in walkthroughs and triage sessions

General Skills :

· Excellent analytical, problem solving and decision-making skills

· ​Demonstrated strong interpersonal, verbal and written communication, and presentation skills

· ​Proven troubleshooting and critical thinking experience

· ​Demonstrated ability to apply strong listening skills to facilitate issue resolution

· ​Effective consulting skills to engage with all stakeholders with proven track record for building strong working relationships

· ​Excellent customer service skills, including tact and diplomacy to ensure client needs are managed effectively

· ​A motivated, flexible, detail-oriented and creative team player with perseverance, excellent organization and multi-tasking abilities, and a proven track record for meeting strict deadlines.


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