Lao/ Laotian – Data Entry Clerk (Transcriber)

Full Time

Likha Careers

Position Type: Independent Contractor

Project Type: Long-Term Project 

Project Setup: Onsite Secured Facility (Mississauga, Ontario/Montreal, CA)

Industry: Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Payment: $22.00 CAD. 

About the Job:

Transcriber converts speeches or recordings into text documents.

Scope & Responsibilities:

  • Listening and transcribing audio or video files of various lengths with a high degree of accuracy and within a reasonable timeframe according to specific guidelines and project requirements
  • Data classification and data labeling according to defined criteria
  • Ability to meet deadlines and daily KPIs
  • Availability to work full-time/ Part-time hours at a secure facility in Mississauga, Ontario/Montreal, Quebec
  • Fluency (both spoken and written) in your assigned language
  • Grammar, punctuation, and spelling proficiency in your assigned language
  • Highly professional attitude
  • Organized with attention to detail; ability to closely follow instructions, quality standards, and productivity requirements
  • Speed and accuracy
  • High degree of confidentiality is required due to the sensitive nature of the information to be transcribed
  • Passing background checks as required by the client commencing employment and ongoing from time-to-time
  • Meeting the client’s safety and security requirements and protocols, including with respect to COVID-19


To apply, please visit the following URL: