Jesse looking for a babysitter or nanny – babysitting job in Toronto

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We have 3 boys. The youngest just turned 3, is very into Monster Trucks. He’s in diapers still, pretty adventurous eater and is super cute (: Our 4 year old (turning 5 in July) is quite talkative. He is waiting to get tubes put in his ear so currently has trouble hearing care givers.

Both boys play fairly well together but obviously still need some guidance when they get into arguments (about toys). Our 13 year old is self sufficient and usually is more of a help than a hindrance. All 3 children go to the same local school which is 3-4 blocks away (no driving required). Our needs are flexible.

Dad is usually home a bit and helping set things up managing kids. Our current care giver has been doing a little cooking (delivered food kits or mac and cheese), folding laundry, picking up kids from school and bringing them home, and doing bed time routines. Usual shifts are 4:30-8:30.


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