Craig looking for a babysitter or nanny – babysitting job in Brampton

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Hello potential babysitter!. Our youngest is finally old enough (and sleeping well enough) that we’d like to develop a relationship with a babysitter who can help out when we want to go on dates or to no-kids-allowed events. We were motivated to take this step because there is a concert we wanted to go to that required being gone from 8pm-11:15pm. The kids are already asleep by that time, and it seemed silly that we couldn’t go.

We do have family in the area, but they already provide so much child care for us (like when the kids have sniffles and have to stay home for days on end because of COVID risks) that we don’t want to additionally tax them. We know plenty of people with kids in our neighbourhood but they’re all too young! (That’s good for you).

Anyhow, our kids are smart, love reading, and are very energetic, though haven’t shown a lot of initiative lately when it comes to self-guided play. You are reliable, patient, and enjoy reading aloud.


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