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BA with Eagle experience – Toronto, ON

6+ months

Data Integration and Management

Objective: Load Security Master and other Reference data i.e. Trades, Positions, Transaction, benchmarks; Export Eagle data to required downstream systems including Data Vault if applicable. Integration between Eagle and 3rd party platforms.

Expected Capabilities:

· SME guidance in the design, development and testing of data integration interfaces, leveraging core Eagle ML-based data interfaces.

· Provide support during development and testing of interfaces.

· Provide ongoing support of the interfaces during the parallel production phase.

· Assist in resolving issues and defects in the interfaces through the front end application or via database queries.

· Provide guidance on standard Message Center practices and mapping protocol for all reference data interfaces.

· Assist in understanding the capabilities to import data via Message Center

· Knowledge of Eagle core functionality including Eagle ML, OLAP, Automation Centre, Reference Data Centre and Portfolio Data Centre

Potential Deliverables:

· Specifications for each interface involved (for example):

  • Standard trade messages from OMS
  • Standard security master messages to OMS via Eagle vendor feeds
  • Additional reference data files (Pricing, FX, Issuer, Rates, Factors, Ratings, Classifications)
  • Corporate actions (Puts, Calls, Sinks)
  • 3rd party reference data

· Preparation of migration packages for each of the interfaces involved.

· Outbound data extracts specification

· Testing validation documentation

· PROD Readiness support including any necessary documentation.



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Lead Recruiter

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