Adobe Analytics Implementation Consultant

Full Time
  • Full Time
  • Toronto

Finance Professionals Inc.

Typical Day in Role:

Responsibilities and Functions:

1. Data Privacy Management:

o Manage the collection, storage, and use of user data, ensuring compliance with regulations and policies.

o Assist in developing and implementing data privacy policies, including clear user consent processes.

o Track and record user consent status for evidence when needed.

2. Compliance Support:

o Understand consent management requirements, particularly those related to data privacy and consent.

o Collaborate with the team to ensure data processing activities align with regulations.

o Provide training and guidance to team members on compliance requirements.

3. Adobe Analytics to Web SDK Migration:

o Assist the team in migrating existing Adobe Analytics JavaScript code to the Web SDK.

o Ensure critical data and functionality are not lost during the migration.

Candidate Requirements/Must Have Skills:

1) 10+ years: Expertise in Adobe Analytics implementation using Adobe Launch

2) 8+ years: in configuring web and mobile analytics for multiple clients

3) 2+ years’ experience in AEP Web SDK

4) 2+ years’ experience with AEP, RTCDP, Adobe Target, Event Forwarding

Nice-To-Have Skills:

1) Experience with visualization techniques for data analysis and presentation

2) Expertise in creating dashboards in Adobe and transforming data from multiple sources

3) Experience presenting reports and strategic recommendations to clients


To apply, please visit the following URL: